Wednesday, March 30, 2011

C is for cupcakes, cake balls, & creating new recipes...

Over the past few weeks I tried out some new recipes and came up with some pretty yummy treats.

For St. Patrick's Day I thought it would be fun to make some cupcakes and cake balls using Bailey's Irish Cream..they turned out really good! The cupcakes were vanilla and topped with Bailey's buttercream frosting. The cake balls were vanilla cake mixed with Bailey's buttercream frosting which I dipped in white and green tinted white chocolate for a festive touch.

I also decided to try my hand at re-creating the raspberry cupcake from my favorite bakery, and they turned out SO good! I'm usually more inclined to choose anything chocolate over anything with fruit in it, but I have to say these cupcakes are some my favorite that I've made. I made white chocolate raspberry cake balls as well, and they were very tasty too!

Enjoy the pictures :-)

Raspberry Cupcakes White Chocolate Raspberry Cake Balls Irish Cream Cupcakes
Irish Cream Cake Balls

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